As much fun as it has been to receive groups of baristi and roasters, for the 2008 harvest we may still do an open trip, but at the moment are not planning on it. If anything changes, I will post something on this page.


O.K. this has been in the works long time now and I thought I would throw this up as many keep asking,… “what all are we going to do?” If your not on the list, and want to go, contact aaron blanco at brown coffee co. Track him down, be resourcefull. If he doesn’t have a confirmation of your purchased airline ticket soon, your not going. In joining us in this coffee adventure you must be flexible with the schedule as it is likely to change and respectfull to the culture as it’s not likely to change. In no particular order….

  • Visit Iximche and or Zaculeu
  • Tour all of Huehuetenango including local markets, the cementary, stadium etc.
  • Visit coyotes, small, midsize and large brokers and exporters.
  • You may venture on your own to have some tasty Pollo Campero – A few yrs ago it was recognized the fastest growing franchise in the world.
  • A complete tour of a working drymill plant.
  • A few nights stay in the Martinez Guest house.
  • You will compete in a picking competition.
  • Then we’ll see how you stack up with local workers.
  • A 2 hour break down on the process of wetmilling and fermentation.
  • You’ll have to.. I mean get to turn over coffee drying on the patios.
  • Guided and independant hikes around and outside of FVH to natural springs, ridges, forests, our nursery, maybe visits with neighbors and of course we won’t forget the sheep.
  • Tour of Antigua with opportunity to shop, see Spanish ruins or a local plantation.
  • Guided tour of Anacafe including Coffee School, cupping lab and agrilab.
  • Cafe Crawl in Guatemala City
  • Visit old friends Mike and Adele in Panajachel
  • Panajachel and Lake Atitlan
  • Time with the Martinez family. From picking you up on arrival to dropping you off for departure.

Lencho sewing up a bag of pergamino

And when it comes to transportation, you’ll have many choices…

No Charge for the Air Conditioning!!!!!!!

No rack on this one, so If you’re bringing chickens along, they’ll have to go on your lap.

12 Responses to “Visiting FVH”

  1. Jason Haeger Says:

    I still wish I could come. I feel like I’m missing a whole lot by not.

  2. edwin Says:

    jason, COME! The trip will end with the 1st International Barista Jam in Gutemala City on Feb 2nd, and we NEED another trainer, particularly for stretching milk.

  3. Hi! I’m Gabe’s brother. That looks like a great trip! I’ve been to Barillas a couple times and always had a great visit.

  4. Jeff Says:

    This trip looks like it would be worthwhile for the enthusiast to the professional roaster or barrista. I will give this some thought. Good luck!

  5. Antonia Says:

    If you want to find more info about Panajachel and Lake Atitlan check out Panajachel Lake Atitlan website.

  6. aaron Says:

    hello everyone! just saying hi first.

  7. See the below to read Jaime van Shyndel´s review on the 07Barista/coffee people trip.

  8. jaime Says:

    I prefer this version of the story
    But… it’s a bit more sentimental.
    Photos from the trip:
    Gabe(photographer for hire if you are looking)
    Richard(the dj barista):

    It was an amazing and wonderful trip and I think we all had an amazing time. The experience of a lifetime thanks to the wonderful people who came and shared a little bit of who they were. A special thanks to Edwin Sr. and Eddy for hosting this and being our guides.

  9. Sarah Dooley Says:

    a new website for what I am working on will be up soon until then, Edwin at your earliest convenience will you contact me regarding a new coffee school in seattle. I am not sure how much I should chat it up and would love to send you details.

    yours sincerely,

    Sarah Dooley

  10. Daishell Says:

    Hello, we are interesting with your coffee bean, and Jason Prefontaine tell us about you and he says you have pretty good coffee beans, so could you please send us some information about your beans? Thank you.

  11. barista Says:

    i ‘m only dreaming of the day that i will make it to come and visit you and see the whole process. congrats for a awesome product. One of the best coffees i ever tried

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