Yes, it is true.  After years of hearing roasters say, “I wonder what a natural from your farm would taste like” we finally caved in.  Linus Törsäter from The Coffee Collective, Chad from Evo and Madcap along with the crew from BFCT agreed to do some of the work for a very small batch.  So they will reap the rewards of their work and if you want to taste this, you’ll have to track one of them down in the coming months because we are only doing about 600 lbs of cherry.  This means each of the above will only have enough to do ONE small batch roast to play with.  I will have to personally drive the dried natural cherry to a micro mill that has a SCOTTISH or IRISH dry mill to then clean and sort by hand.  Dry milling naturals is actually much more work in the the dry mill stage… and of course, potentially much less in the preceding stages.

Jake put together a wonderful video of kids interacting with his beard, some soccer and some coffee.

Photo and video by Jake Liefer.  Click on here to see video