If you aren’t visiting Renato Correia at the Espresso Lab in Cape Town, South Africa in the next few days there are only two places in the world where you can get it.  da Matteo in Göteborg, Sweden and Barefoot in Santa Clara, California USA. Above picture stolen with permission from Renato’s flickr, check it out  to see a beautiful roastery that is all white – leaving coffee to be the natural focal point.  If you do happen to be in SA, Tribeca is currently carrying some fvh as well as El Paternal.

Upon searching through the daMatteo blog I found a photo of Soren Stiller 2008 Danish Barista Champion in Milan last week who seems to be pouring fvh honey whole bean into a cup on a skinny version of the uber boiler’s scale.  I don’t know how he finds the time to do this between holding a full time job in Copenhagen, etching Barak Obama in the UK and his Growers Cup side project.

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While I love experimenting and am willing to take risks, I also hate to mess up a good thing.  Andy Newbom requested we do a honey lot, and so we did.  Only because it was Andy.  And maybe it is because he has a chef’s personality.  Chef in french means BOSS, but in the culinary trade, chef’s tend to be known for being obsessive and sometimes perfectionists.  Not sure if Andy is a perfectionist, but he certainly is obsessive about trying something every which way imaginable until discovering something beautiful and perfect.  He will be coming back to Guatemala this harvest for the 4th time.  My conclusions on our honey is that it yields everything I expected.  The acidity is tapered down a bit and their is more body and incredible molasses sweetness.  My problem with this is that I think this is attainable with many other coffees around us and giving our coffee a honey process means loosing some of what I like most in our coffee.  The sparkling super clean and sweet juicy acidity.  While our coffee is mild bodied it is actually refreshing to where you don’t crave something else in between sips, you just want to chug it.  Yes, chug it.  I must give credit for this descriptor to Ben Kaminsky who on rare occasion is known to refer to a coffee as “chuggable”.  While fvh honey is not chuggable, it is a great fit for those with a sweet tooth.  Pair this with a nice dry unsweetened buttery pastry.  Yes, this is a Guatemalan coffee with enough body to stand up to butter.

Despite adamantly requesting the entire lot, thank you for sharing Andy.