87 Years ago today on August 24, Felipe Martinez founder of FVH was born high in the mountains of Jutiapa, Guatemala.

He spends most of his time in Guatemala city and in Huehuetenango. Most importantly he spends just about all his time with family.

Felipe and his wife Marta with 2 of thier great grand kids Ana Regina and Sara Camila on his birthday… still full of joy, energy and laughter.



Last week I drove our Toyota from Bellingham to an air freight logistics company in the Seattle area so they could FLY our coffee to Japan. For green brokers/buyers who’ve been around a while… you’ve experience more than once when a particular coffee gets alot of attention, and it truely is exceptional, it tends to dissappear. There’s always someone willing to snatch it up pretty quick. Usually first in line is a Japanese firm.

In 2004 When we were in the Cup of Excellence it was S. ISHIMITSU & Co that placed the final winning bid.   Actually it was in the Exceptional Cup 2004 which had smaller lots with higher scores.  (Great for finding truely exceptional coffee, but tough for actually connecting growers to roasters.)  As they called us to purchase the balance of our coffee outside what was purchased in the auction, we had already shipped most to U.S. and sold the rest to Press Alternative, Co. This year they ran short, and we had to emergency FLY some over.

How is your Japanese??? Click on links below. If you need help understanding, cut and past the urls into google search, then click translate. The result is hilarious! Thanks google.

Yours truly-“core cheer group carefully”

Chuj,old clinic and sheep pics

family pic, and good shot of Carlos with 2 sons and a grandson

Vista Hermosa Feature

Ryuichi Takehiro from Press Alternative Co along with Brian Schutte from Portland.

Ryuichi Takehiro and Brian Schutte

Brian helped start the import side of Finca Vista Hermosa for his final business internship at W.W.U. We have him to thank for our awesome logo. Brian is one of the most genuine individuals I know. His contribution to FVH was truly priceless. When we went to take Ryuichi back to Guatemala City, Brian chose to stay behind alone at FVH, just because he could!

coffee sampler and ziplock to deliver the transmision fluid

Top off your transmission fluid. It was a VERY hard to get place, and I managed to not spill a single drop!

the fork lift

In the begining God created Adam and Eve… and then this guy. He really needs a good name. Although he’s only been with us for a few months, he’s been around the block a few times. He’s got so much character and he works like a champ; most of the time. So please let me know if you’ve got any good names, or would like to purchase this fine machine. SERIOUSLY. He’s for sale. He has been reliable thus far, but is just way to big. All he needs is a master cylinder and some TLC. He’ll lift most cars up to 16 ft high. However, the only break (which stops on a dime) is the E brake, and if you remove my custom muffler upgrade it sounds like a deafening Monster truck. It can also be a liability that it is missing the roll cage. WARNING!! Don’t consider buying one of these if you think the “roll cage” is to protect you in case you roll.

Finally arrived!!!

August 1, 2006

The Honduran Finca Las Canas has finally arrived after many delays.
We brought up the entire crop of 88 bags form this fresh new plantation.
What an odd thing to say isn’t it? It is a fresh new plantation because it was young when Hurricane Mitch destroyed everything, immediately afterwards many new plants were planted. This year is the first full mature year this small estate yields a fully developed balanced fruit. I had the chance to visit in March of this year and wrote about it in roast. The article is titled From one Grower to Another

Carlos Maradiaga, owner of Finca Las Canas is manually cranking out beans on the wetmill version 2.0


August 1, 2006

3 of 7 past articles in roast magazine are below.  I’ll try to get the missing ones on here soon.

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