FVH now on Twitter!!!

October 11, 2009

No. Not really. While many are going out of their way to broaden their sphere of influence for business and personal reasons via social networking tools such as facebook, Twitter, linkedin, myspace and more, I’m working my way off the grid. I counted 161 social networking sites listed on wikipedia.org today, which is clearly not a comprehensive list as they somehow missed baristaexchange. Despite the great values offered by these technologies, I have come to appreciate communicating and interacting IN PERSON a great deal. I’m careful to not be too critical of something I’m unfamiliar with, however I’m content being ignorant. That being said, this post was done from my phone


4 Responses to “FVH now on Twitter!!!”

  1. Eric Mullins Says:

    Although off the topic of your post, while reading through the book “Coffee: Growing, Processing, Sustainable Production” I was reminded of a question you asked at Coffee-Talk about the proper term for a coffee cherry where one side is missing. This book, which is very extensive, says that it simply called an “Empty Bean” with the definition as follows: “When the endosperm fails to develop properly inside a normally developed endocarp, the result is an empty bean. The phenomenon can occur either on one bean only or on both beans and the causes can be either genetic or physiological. Whatever the causes, a high percentage of empty beans is seen as a defect in planting material.” This is not to be confused with a “peaberry” which is similar, but in a peaberry the bean fills the place of the “empty bean” giving it that round shape. I know it is too late for the prize but at least a proper term is out there for the occurrence.
    Eric Mullins

  2. Steve Says:

    Ahhh come Edwin you reach out through these networks all the time, surely that’s what this is a social media tool?

    I’d love to see more posts thats for sure, we miss you bro.

  3. . Says:

    I often prefer knowing the answer to any question I’m asking.. especially if it’s a trivia question with HARIO products as a prize.

    Eric – thank you for that! We were making it too complicated. “Empty Bean”.

  4. . Says:

    Steve – Yes… I enjoy these technologies as long as it is o.k. to disappear for weeks or months at a time. For someone who has a hard time saying no(myself), it’s more about time management and boundaries. I do like how blogs keep a history and the story of years past can be obtained by anyone anytime with out the story teller having to re-tell it. But I rarely feel I have news to share that is soo pressing, people need to hear it IMMEDIATELY through many of the more popular social media mechanisms that seem to simulate a live crowd, rather than a blog post or even a personal paper letter mailed through the post.

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