FVH visits The Coffee Collective

June 15, 2008

If you are going to be at SCAE this year be sure to pay a visit to The Coffee Collective.  We have the privilege of a time of sharing in an intimate setting… their cafe and roastery this next week.

This year at SCAE 2008 Copenhagen there will be 6 competitions!  Yes, count them.  6!  I believe these efforts are doing a fantastic job of bridging the gap between coffee professionals and one of the most important links in the coffee chain.  The consumer.

I will be competing in the World Cup Tasting Championship representing the U.S. mostly to scout it out to develop such a competition in the U.S. in 2009 most likely at SCAA.  I became U.S. Cup Tasting Champion the same way I got my Guatemalan drivers license.  Lets just say it has nothing to do with merit.


9 Responses to “FVH visits The Coffee Collective”

  1. m'lissa Says:

    hmmm… I may have competed against you, had I known there was a competition.. 🙂
    Have fun in CPH, and send my love to the Collective!

  2. Edwin Says:

    and you would have one m’lissa.
    Now I expect you to compete next year when there is one! =)

  3. Ben Kaminsky Says:

    I scouted it out with cindy chang… The scaa/usbc is definitely not interested in it to say the least. We’re just going to have to bootleg it, next door style. I’m committed though.

  4. Excellent… so for the 2009 US Cup Tasting Championship M’lissa, Ben, Cindy… who else is in? Depending on how many express interest we may have a few semi finals in different regions and then something simultaneous during SCAA. We don’t need a ton of space and I’m already working on logistics. It is obviously much less equipment intensive than a barista comp. but there’s still much to plan. While I am paying all my own expenses to get to and spend time in Copenhagen, Ric Rhinehart has responded with support on behalf of SCAA to cover my entrance fee and would like to see this be a part of the Exposition in Atlanta in 2009.

  5. Tim Taylor Says:

    I’m in. Just don’t tell anyone I’m a novice cupper.

  6. . Says:

    Alright Tim…. you’re on the list. Location TBA, most likely Atlanta SCAA 2009.

  7. Klaus Says:

    Hi Edwin
    Thank you so much for the time here in Copenhagen. We’re all so happy to have been able to spend some time with you and get to know your family more. Thank you for helping out in the coffee shop too. It was so cozy to have you there, and we really appreciate everything you shared with us.
    I hope you’ll be able to bring the Cup Tasting Championship to the US. Glad to see so many willing to help.
    Looking forward to seeing you again
    -Klaus (on behalf of the collective)

  8. Andy Says:

    Im in Edwin for whatever it takes to get it to happen.

    so not to get imaptient but you have to post more on your blog about harvest. And about the little thing you told me about happening at your house…

  9. . Says:

    Andy – you are absolutely right. I’ve felt like I’ve been behind the ball all year. It has been a difficult year with many losses as well as some exciting new little things as you mention above. =) This fall will be a time of catching up and settling down, expect to see another post soon.

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