Jet Steam at Coffee Fest 2008

December 2, 2007

Congratulations Billy Wilson on winning the NWRBC!!!As we live in the NW for a good part of the year I find myself going to coffee fest only to connect with old friends as the show is mostly a retail one which this year included  booths from Sketchers, World Vision and of course the typical jewelry, bags and other accessories. Andrew, Tony, Bruno and NinaThis year my highlight was an espresso machine from a new company called Jet – Steam.Jet SteamCLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PICS. I was extremely impressed so I asked a few friends to take a closer look.  This unit will be shipped off to Underwriters Laboratories early 2008 and existing orders shipped immediately following.  Learn more about them at

Corey, Silas and Edwin

Corey pictured on the left is the founder of Jet-Steam as well as the engineer and designer.   Taste and time will tell but it seems to me this machine has incredible potential to allow the customer to engage the barista and his/her craft.


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