How coffee gets around

November 3, 2007

james hoffman

Big companies develop complex marketing strategies with marketing and pr firms and then spend tons of money on implementing. Or friends send coffees they like to friends. Nothing beats word of mouth. (… except maybe simply a good cup of coffee speaking for itself in the moment.)

Read James’ feedback on our coffee roasted by the coffee collective in Denmark.

James you should come and visit us next harvest with the collective and you guys can give away espressos all day to the city of Huehuetenango. Origin should be tasted at origin too!

Purchase the collectives roast of FVH HERE!!! (it is in Danish)

Here is a page on the collectives website in English that shares more on their offerings.

Klaus – thank you for sharing.


3 Responses to “How coffee gets around”

  1. Klaus Says:

    It was definitely our pleasure! It would be awesome to come give away espressos to Huehuetenango. I really hope I will be there next harvest. We’re very proud to be able to present your coffee, Edwin.

  2. alexanderruas Says:

    You are absolutely right about word of mouth!
    After reading JimSeven’s entry I decided to go ahead and order some myself from the CC website.

    IF you read swedish you can read my review and check out the photos

    even if you don’t understand swedish you will really enjoy the photos!!


  3. Edwin Says:

    Hmmm.. anyone know of a good site to use to translate this? I found a few but they didn’t work very well.

    Alexanderruas, thank you for mentioning your post/review. I enjoyed the photos, hope you liked the coffee.

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