Cost of participation in CoE.

September 17, 2007

2007 Cup of Excellence FVH results

We received $8.05/lb green but after all itemized expenses below are pulled out the amount totals to $6.19/lb. Then we must back out another .32 for misc expenses related to getting our coffee to the warehouse and additional warehousing fees not included in report that were prepaid. This leaves $5.85
I expect we’ll see more interest on behalf of growers next year because of these prices. The last time we were in an auction it was the “Exceptional Cup” in 2004 and we got $1.65/lb before any expenses were backed out. I still find that most growers think that auction winners are able to sell their entire crop at auction prices. Sounds like a dream? Not so much. This the goal of the Q.

CoE expenses to growerA CoE expenses to growerB

I wanted to add a few more comments…. after a few email exchanges with Gabriela at Anacafe I realized I may be giving off the wrong impresssion. We were very pleased with the results of this auction and are extremely supportive of both CoE and Anacafe. My goal in sharing these details is not to complain about how much is taken off the top, rather to be transparent. I realize such a program has overhead and I would recommend involvement to any grower/roaster who has interest in long term relationships with other like minded quality driven folks.


2 Responses to “Cost of participation in CoE.”

  1. Silas Says:

    I have always wondered how much the farmer actually gets. Great post. I can’t wait to get my cupping spoon. Can’t wait to see the look on those stumptowners faces when I bust out my own cupping spoon at the annex.

  2. Edwin Says:

    Bust it out at home! May it be a great learning and teaching tool. Nina and I will be in Boston next month. Would be great to see you. I got many private emails inquiring about our satisfaction with the details of the above post from the drymill and anacafe.

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