The home of CoE coffees in Guatemala

September 12, 2007

DSCF0026, originally uploaded by edwinfvh.

I thought I would comment a little more on some of the details people often enquire about. This place seems quite secure and has a fenced area the size of an indoor soccer field that is locked internally to keep the CoE coffees separate from the general “run of the mill”…. literally.

There is no signage on the main road, and you have to drive into a gated yard to weigh in, then exit and re-enter on the back side off a narrow gravel road to unload. I asked the plant manager about this, and it will change soon as it makes sense for accountability reasons to weigh immediately before and after a load or unload. Regardless the facility seems quite secure and very UN marked. You just about need GPS coordinates and exact milemarkers to find this as the only place I saw a sign is this scratch on the back door 2 blocks back from the main road. Otherwise you’d never know that this plant can process over $200,000 of coffee a day.


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