Zambian Barista Champion

September 3, 2007


I’ve recently taken great interest in Zambia, in part because some close friends left this weekend to live there for a few years. During the WBC this year I made it a point to watch the Zambian Barista Champion Francis Njobvu perform. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF. As it was a full house, I was lucky to find an empty seat near the front. The woman next to me was waving a flag, and yes it was the Zambian flag. Turns out it was Teija Lubinkhof of MUNALI COFFEE. He used Teija’s beans as well as the mucilage removed with a Penagos to make a jam. The fruit was cooked into a reduction with sugar and lime juice, then skin was sifted out. The 07 crop is being harvested as I write this.


Francis may very well have been the most calm performer in the entire WBC this year. Too bad more people couldn’t try his signature drink. It was quite unique. Teija gave me some green in Tokyo which I will be sample roasting for fun next week. Based on a green evaluation only it looks very promising.


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