Cupping Micro lots.

September 2, 2007

There are few things I enjoy more than spending a day sample roasting and cupping our micro lots. It’s strange how some things never get old. I suppose in large part it’s a sign of how much more there is to learn. While many will not distinguish a notable difference there are subtle nuances that are fun to identify and a challenge to highlight in a production roast.

Philip Meech has been growing his business one batch at a time and while growth often pulls roasters away from sample roasting and “playing” aroung with coffee, Philip seems to be experimenting even more getting to know each bean more intimately. As a grower we rely much on roasters big and small that invest into thorough evaluation and testing of all kinds. It’s amazing how much we learn from others about our own coffee. Phil had to bring his roaster up to our warehouse and sample roast every microlot before buying a few more bags. If this trend continues we’ll have to send left overs to the CoE auction next year.

San Franciscan Philip cupping in our garage in Bellingham


2 Responses to “Cupping Micro lots.”

  1. Peter Dupont Says:

    Hej Edwin,

    We just got our lot of Finca Vista Hermosa coffee thursday and cupped it in different roasts yesterday – what an amazing coffee!!! When I took the beans out of the roaster I saw some of the most cosistently coloured beans I have ever seen! This gave me high expectations for the cupping.
    Friday we cupped four different roasts of our Finca Vista Hermosa Lot. Beginning from the very light roasts and going to darker roasts ended at the beginning of the second crack. Your coffee was extremely sweet, clean and rounded in all of the roasts, with an intriguing acidity in the lighter and incredible deep aroma reminding of dark chocolate, muscovado sugar and caramel especially in the darker roasts. I have seldom tasted a coffee working that well in so many different roasts – it actually gave us a hard time deciding on which roast to stick with. We finally decided on a light medium roast which gave the coffee a fantastic balance where sweetnees, bitterness and acidity seemed to melt togehter in an deep chocolate like flavour.

    Send our regards to your family and thank for all the work you have put into crafting this exceptional coffee!

    See you,


  2. . Says:

    I hope when Aaron Brown visits next week in Copenhagen he can see and maybe cup a flight of these roasts.

    Thank you very much for your feedback. I’m very excited that you’ve received the shipment and are now launching this coffee in Denmark. You’re the only one in Europe to have this and I’m proud to have you roasting it. We look forward to seeing you at the Finca next harvest.

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