COFFEE HABITAT writes a review on FVH coffee.

August 20, 2007

I got a call last week from Aaron Blanco of Brown Coffee. I can’t describe how rewarding it is to have great communication with people that are doing great things with our coffee. I have had the priviledge to stay with Aaron and his family in his home a few days and he has reciprocated and spent a few weeks with us on the farm. These are the things that are hard to put a price on. I like to think there are 2 types of marketing whether you’re selling coffee, cheese or carpet cleaning services. First the kind that get people in the door (even if you have no brick and mortar location). This isn’t always, but can be very gimicky. This is what get’s people to check you out the first time, or maybe give you another chance. Then there is marketing that keeps you in the door or keeps you coming back. This is where the perceived value is equal to or greater than what is paid. And so you go back because of good experience and value received, and this is where the best kind of natural contageous marketing takes place…. word of mouth. Hopefully it’s good. Thank you Aaron for representing.

Also check out the Tshirts Aaron has made celebrating FVH’s 50 year anniversary! I happen to be wearing one today. This was originally born out of Aaron wanting to find a creative way to partner with FVH and maybe raise some funds to help purchase some more sheep or some Cloppers (cows) for improving local diet providing milk and of course for their ferrtilizer contributions. Unfortunately we didn’t want to commit to a “program” until we were 100% sure and had all our ducks in a row. We have had some problems with the sheep of and on. But things seem to be going very well now. Stay tuned.



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