June 20, 2007

The below is a cut and paste I did from an email from personal friend who used to work in coffee in the Hamptons… and now lives on a farm in Costa Rica. Honestly much of this is new to me and over my head but am just sharing for the sake of education, but quite interesting none the less as I’m constantly redifining my own definition of sustainability. If you too are wondering what GMO’s ARE CLICK HERE FOR A DEFINITION FROM HAWAIISEED

    Please read this activist group link for the story/fight going on in Hawaii: http://hawaiiseed.org/coffee.htm and there are many other organizations and of course, Dean’s Beans (his whole Frankenbean thing is terrific)

    Below find who the main GMO players of Integrated Coffee are. Mr. Stiles is quoted on Hawaii Seed’s website stating that GMO coffee will be available in 1.5 years from his group. Integrated Coffee released (via PR newswire) yesterday notice of who is buying them and if one unveils the chain of ownership – the actual business organization serves Dole. Three years ago Reuters announced that GMO coffee was 10 – 15 years away. Apparently, because the University of Hawaii (where Integrated Coffee/Mr. Stiles science
    hails from) has moved much faster than projected.

    Rachael Carson’s Silent Spring has already begun – there are no honey bees humming in Gringolandia now (read why at above website) and the crash of wild bumblebees is happening as I write this email to you.

    We all must work NOW so that Costa Rica and Hawaii stand hard against more GMO. Guatemala has not (crashing honey bee populations there) Brazil has not. Europe has.

    So if Dole/Integrated Coffee has their way the market will have GMO coffee but the world will have no bees and then no birds and then no . . . . ?

And interestingly as of yesterday Pacific Land and Coffee Corporation Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire
Integrated Coffee Technologies, Inc.

On another note… deans beans is mentioned above… not knowing much about them, but having some friends in their back yard… I felt compelled to do some homework… Despite seeing “Mud Pie
A double chocolate, pecan and vanilla delight” not as descriptors to a coffee… but as a FLAVOR, I found some cool stuff and great efforts at transparency. It seems they’ve built a coffee business on partnerships. SUCH AS THIS ONE. NICE JOB CULTURAL SURVIVAL. I actually listened through some of the radion sposts online. One was about a girl who comes home telling her family she’s to give up her traditional attire that is worn daily that is a part of their culture.. and pay money for a uniform. The spot basically demonstrates how they can put their foot down. This was interesting for me as Guatemala as a nation has the highest percentage of native americans in all of the americas. It’s a beautiful and rich culture that is being lost every day.


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