Post harvest update

June 14, 2007

Last week I received the following email from my father:


I spoke to Carlos This morning. He was working with about 20 people in the
upper part of Vista Hermosa. They have cleaned up 20 brand new cuerdas. Monday and Tuesday they have dug 1200 hoyos and will dig a total of 5,000. Today they stop digging hoyos and building a road so we can drive right to the new Lot.
We don’t have a name for that yet. It was exiting for me to talk to Carlos knowing exactly where he was and what he was doing.

He didn’t have the exact numbers for the cuerdas in each lot. He is going home for lunch when I will call him again and send the numbers to you.

for your information. Next year we are going to use one of the pilas para reposar el cafe despues de lavarlo y antes de secarlo. La pila es la mas nueva y esta cerca de las bodegas.

Te envio la informacion mas tarde.



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