Hacienda La Esmeralda’s newest hire.

February 20, 2007

Pictured below are Bruno’s legs, Ric Rhinehart of Groundwork, Rachel Peterson, Nina Martinez and Price Peterson.

Bruno Ric Rachel Nina Price

Last month Nina and I had the privilege to get to know Rachel Peterson. Most of you are probably familiar with Hacienda La Esmeralda. It’s one thing to be born into a family and another to be part of the family business. Rachel is now both!. She took the Q grader exams with us and was 1 of 3 to get the Q grader certification, and although we have not received our final scores back, I would be willing to bet she came out on top. Rachel has 2 kids, plays soccer competitively and is now representing her folks and siblings selling her family coffee. Despite the press and the phenomenal prices the Petersons are getting for their coffee, Price shared with me that it’s the dairy that keeps the operation stable. Being a coffee grower is so romanticized. I know so many in north america that have bought land having been enamoured with the idea of being a coffee grower, and many growers who have moved to north america to develop a market for their coffee. Both noble causes, but with out quality you need quantity to do well on a good year. And what about the bad years? Well, survival equals success. This is why quality is the #1 determining factor in increasing sustainability. This is a value that people will always pay for.

If you would like any of their coffee you can track rachel down through their website, and as of today Feb 20th, the kind folks at Atlas have about 140 lbs remaining of the especial.


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