New addition at Victrola

February 13, 2007

Edwin and Victrola

These photos were taken at Finca Filadelphia in Antigua which is like the disneyland of coffee farms. Photos courtesy of Simon Thompson at Cravens Coffee

close up of victrola Edwin and Victrola

Chris Sharp was originally scheduled to join us on this roaster trip. But he had more important matters to tend to: CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NEW ADDITION TO VICTROLA. Congradulations Chris and Jen!

Yesterday Monday Feb 12th, I stopped in un-announced as usual (It’s fun to keep folks on their toes). Davida and Shawn gave me both a very warm welcome and the machiatto was… well PERFECT! It’s really nice to be back in the northwest for a few weeks.


One Response to “New addition at Victrola”

  1. sofia rattaro Says:

    buenos tarde !!!
    tengo una victrola vv4-3
    “victor talking machine camden n.j.”.
    Se le han salido las cuerdas , y no tenemos quien lo pueda arreglar en la zona donde vivimos.
    No tenemos ni un manual para saber como arreglarla necesitaría que nos enviaran un manual o algo que nos indiquen como armarla .
    desde ya muchas gracias espero su respuesta.

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