A moment with the coffee chemist himself.

January 26, 2007

When Joseph Rivera first introduced himself to us Q grader wannabes the first thing he said is “I started working for SCAA thinking it would be only for 6 months or so until I found a better match” 6 years later he continues to push the envelope in research and education regarding coffee chemistry as the director of science and technology for SCAA.

The wicked sensory skills exam is administered by this friendly face. Most of us dreaded seeing the results on the 3rd phase of this exam and upon sharing with Joseph how difficult we thought it was (thinking it was just too difficult and maybe he didn’t realize it) he would just smile, laugh and agree.

In his freetime Joseph is working on his site www.coffeechemistry.com, it is not up yet, but I’ll post an official link once it is. Also pictured at the table at Seville is Genevieve. My wife said she has got to be one of the friendliest people she has ever met. She is a buyer for Orens Daily Roast in NY. She doesn’t only call the odd one out in a triangulation, but she successfully matches it’s pair somewhere else on table. Originally from Paris, she fit right in as her spanish was just as good if not better than her english.Edwin Nina Genevieve and Joseph


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