So what’s your storage look like?

January 11, 2007

stored coffee in our barn house-warehouse.

Having visited a number of green coffee storage options up and down the west coast 6+ years ago I didn’t like what I saw. Warehouses that focus exclusively on green will have many containers coming in and many containers worth going out each day. With the boom in the roasting market and many securing coffee and keeping it at a warehouse for up to a year.. and sometimes more, storage conditions become much more critical than if coffee as a commodity is kept moving and rarely sits too long. Today there are many great options and warehouses now give much more attention to temp, humidity, rodents, contaminating aromas and fumes… such as from a non electric forklift. Anyway, there is nothing high tech about how we store our coffee, but we do keep a close eye on it and make sure it’s comfortable. We practically sleep on it.  Really!

With the help of customers and friends we’re doing some experimenting where we will take our 07 crop until 09 and beyond and we will test and evaluate different methods of transport and storage including sealed air tight as well as sealed and frozen below Zero. More on this later….

This container was locked permanently because of damage in transit… so we had to cut some metal to open it.


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