You’ve got to see this

January 3, 2007

Click here to see the VIDEO “How to stay warm!” that was sent in last week BE SURE TO TURN YOUR VOLUME UP!


5 Responses to “You’ve got to see this”

  1. pretty sweet. Ashley and I bought a Rancilio Silvia espresso machine for ourselves for Christmas. But I think we need some coaching help! Do you teach classes on making the perfect shot?

  2. We have a customer who has a trainer that will be offering this soon in Bellingham. Or you could join us at the 1st International Barista Jam in Guatemala city Feb2 for a full day of hands on training with a handfull of trainers from around the U.S. and Guatemala.

  3. Jason Haeger Says:

    I just discovered this blog.

    I’m glad to see it.

  4. Sometime I would love to accompany you on a trip to document what you do on film. If you’re ever in need of photos or looking for a photogrpaher let me know! If I may:

  5. See gabe you just wish it, and it happens!

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