A request for money.

December 4, 2006

Carlos and his family

Carlos, Edwin, Rolando and Newborn
Top: Carlos with his family.

Bottom: Carlos with new family member and his son Edwin in the background and his nephew Rolando adjacent. Rolando is one of the most entrepreneurial guys I know as well as a pretty extreme risk taker. You would never know it by his soft spoken and timid dimeanor.

In addition to managing for us Carlos has his own coffee land and of course we buy up everything he produces. This morning Carlos called requesting a short term loan…. it seems he and his son Diego will be making an offer this week to purchase another 15-20 cuerdas of land. A cuerda is aproximately 20 meters X 20 meters.

Some folks in the U.S. think we live all year at Finca Vista Hermosa. At FVH some think we live in the city of Huehuetenango or in Guatemala city. However Carlos knows we spend at least half the year in Washington state. And we count it a priviledge to have such a relationship that he can call with the report saying “harvest is coming in early, so get your butt down here… and by the way, can I borrow some money.”


One Response to “A request for money.”

  1. kirk Says:

    Hey Edwin,
    My friend Gabe Rodriquez dropped me the link to your blog because of a post I wrote found here: http://www.practicalwestcoast.com/blog/article/132/thank-you-coffee-bean-farmers
    Basically, I sat looking at this steaming cup of coffee that I had in front of me and it got me thinking of the farmers who picked the beans…then a quick second later I thanked Jesus for those coffee farmers…anyway you can read the post if you want. Oddly enough the coffee I had in my cup that morning was some Guatemalan Coffee from Trader Joe’s…

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