Interview with Aaron Blanco from San Antonio TX

October 20, 2006

Here’s a guy that writes “I know everything” in his description about himself.

He is being completely sarcastic of course, but it stands out to me because he’s fairly new to coffee and his humble approach to learn from anyone he encounters has quickly made him more learned in coffee than many veterans in many links of the coffee chain from seed to cup. I’ll get to hang out with Aaron and his wife Jenee in Nov for a Barista Jam. Most Barista Jams are regional for a section of the U.S. This one is too, the region happens to be called Texas. If you wish to show your mug click below and search for the Oct 9 post for more details.


In other news, I’ll be looking foward to catching up with some of you this weekend at the NW Roasters Group Training Retreat in Forest Grove, OR and the NWRegional Barista Competition, sponsored by Stumptown and the AmericanBarista&CoffeeSchool.

I just received an email from Klaus Thomsen – 2006 World Barista Champ from Copenhagen that he’ll be MCing the final event on Sat the 21st. He may join us in the Barista trip to Guatemala with FVH. If you have interest to join us, contact Aaron as he’ll probably be coordinating the details.


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