Have you ever googled yourself???

October 19, 2006

I’ve googled my name a few times just to know what one would see if they tried to track me down with out contact info and used google to do it. Apparently I’m not the only one who’s done this.

Edwin Martinez from www.mylatinband.com

A few yrs back my wife and I owned a small roast/retail operation. We closed the business to focus on brokering our green and soon old customers tracked us down wanting us to meet them at some random intersection so they could get a lb. of our coffee roasted, and that they would pay extra for it. This got old, so we started a website to service this. Anyway one person ordered a lb. of coffee and accidentally entered my name instead of theirs in the order form. This gentleman eventually came down from Vancouver B.C. with his wife and daughter to meet me last week. His name actually turned out to be Edwin Martinez, and he’s from Guatemala, and his son as well as my father are also Edwin Martinez. Think that’s a coincidence! Well out of 84 pages of Edwin Martinez on google… this one shares with me in his first email that they’ve had interest for some time to import coffee from Guatemala, because of course they too are from Guatemala…. please take a moment to search through Edwin Martinez’ website. Make sure you listen to the music. He and his wife are social workers in Vancouver, but he is also a very talented musician on the side. For a listen visit www.mylatinband.com

I didn’t want to stray and include things in this blog that aren’t relevant to FVH, however this was slightly relevant and I just couldn’t resist.


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