P.Diddy, Xgames, movie premiers, red carpets and Finca Vista Hermosa.

September 15, 2006

cupping consulting with Aurelio

All have been covered by freelance reporter Angela Sun. Going from being a sponsored surfer and snowboarder she began covering these same events and developing quite a career reporting on whatever she’s taken an interest in. Her involvement with Al Gore’s Current TV project connected her with producer Adam Yamaguchi who joined her on a trip to the highlands of Huehuetenango for a story. As our coffee is indefinitely sold out, we’ve begun working with a family co-op that has received more recognition internationally and domestically (in Guatemala) than our coffee has. We are now their exclusive exporter to U.S. and are looking for the right match that may possibly commit to their entire crop that is U.S. bound. I will inevitably share more about them in 2007, but for now consider this coverage from someone outside of the coffee industry a preview of what is one of the finest coffees in Guatemala. The proof is in the cup. As Angela and I were not able to line up our schedules it dawned on me this was a priceless opportunity to help out our friends and neighbors Julian and Aurelio Villatoro. They are past CoE winners, and have been awarded #1 and #2 coffee in Guatemala by Dr Ernesto Illy and Starbucks. THIS FOOTAGE IS PART 1. Part 2 is coming soon.

I’m looking to bring Aurelio up sometime this fall. Please contact me if you have interest in partnering with them. The quantity they’d like to send to U.S. is 2-3 CTRS.

Angela and Adam hired Chino, one of my cousins, as a professional guide to tour Guatemala and take care of safety, logistics, and interpretation. For a non coffee highlight in Antigua, Guatemala, Chino couldn’t let Angela leave with out covering holy week. CHECK OUT THIS CLIP!!!


One Response to “P.Diddy, Xgames, movie premiers, red carpets and Finca Vista Hermosa.”

  1. Evie Says:

    Loved the writing and GREAT video! Your coffee’s fame is growing around the world. It IS the best! By far

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